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2016 Luncheon Sponsors

2016 Luncheon Sponsors 

2016 Board of Directors

The Partnership 2016 Board

Front row:  Robert Steward, Steven Lyncha, Rusty Christoff,Karen Blair, Laura Holden, Jared Ricotta

Second row:  Rick Kistler, Michael Kovalcin,, Bryan Bennett, Tom Scott, Jim Pollock, Jeff Herr, Bill Jones, John Shimko and Jerry McKinney

2015 Award Winners

MVEDP 2015 Award Winners 

First Row left to right: Bob Selfridge, TMMData (Entrepreneur of the Year Award), Jackie Skytich, DuBois Business College (Contribution to the Quality of Life), Stan Maguire & Jim Washburn, Committee for a Moshannon Valley Veterans Memorial (Community Beautification Award).
Second Row left to right: Stan LaFuria, Executive Director of the MVEDP, Jeff Herr, Board President of the MVEDP.

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MVEDP 2015 Award Sponsors 

MVEDP 2015 Board of Directors


MVEDP 2015 Board of Directors 

First Row: Jared Ricotta, Jeff Herr, Laura Holden, Jerry McKinney, Michael Kovalcin

Second Row: Bryan Bennett, Steven Lyncha, Jim Pollock, Robert Steward, John Shimko, Tom Scott

Missing from Photo: Karen Blair, Rusty Christoff, Bill Jones, Rick Kistler


MVEDP 2014 Luncheon

At a luncheon held on Friday, April 25th, the Moshannon Valley Economic Development Partnership honored two area business owners: Bryan Bennett, owner of Central Steamer and Joel Albert, founder and president of GeoTech Engineering. Bennett was honored as the MVEDP’s Entrepreneur of the Year while Mr. Albert and his GeoTech Engineering company was recognized as the MVEDP’s Small Business of the Year. [More...]

The Partnership 2014 Luncheon


First row: Bryan Bennett, owner of Central Steamer, Entrepreneur of the Year; Joel and Patty Albert, owners and founders of GeoTech Engineering, Small Business of the Year; and Jeff Herr, MVEDP Board of Directors President.

Second row: Stan LaFuria, MVEDP Executive Director; State Rep. Tommy Sankey; State Rep. Scott Conklin; and U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson.


MVEDP 2014 Board of Directors

MVEDP 2014 Board of Directors 

First Row:  Steven Lyncha, Jeff Herr, Rusty Christoff, Jared Ricotta

Second Row:  Rick Kistler, Robert Steward, Jim Pollock, Karen Blair, Jerry McKinney, John Shimko, Tom Scott, Michael Kovalcin

Missing from Photo: Michael Conte, Bill Jones, Mark Nartatez

MVEDP 2014 Executive Committee

MVEDP 2014 Executive Committee 


First Row: Steven Lyncha, Jeff Herr, Rusty Christoff

Second Row: Jim Pollock, Jerry McKinney

Missing from Photo:  Michael Conte


MVEDP Honors Twenty-Five Year Members

At a luncheon held on Friday, April 19th, the Moshannon Valley Economic Development Partnership honored the businesses from the Moshannon Valley area that have been members of the Partnership for twenty-five years. [more...]

MVEDP 25 Year Membership Luncheon

 Stan LaFuria, Representative Tommy Sankey Julie Brennan for Senator Wozniak, Representative Scott Conklin, Mike Glazer for Congressman Glenn Thompson and John Shimko, MVEDP Board President.

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March 22, 2016  Borough Approves Target Area Expansion




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